First year over: Productive4.0 annual convention with preliminary results

by Ralf Hartmann on behalf of the Productive4.0 consortium

Progress, exchange amongst partners and new cooperations – the first Productive4.0 General Assembly reflected the dynamic and innovative development of the huge project with 109 partners from 19 European countries.

Productive4.0, European ECSEL co-funded innovation and lighthouse programme, hosted its annual Consortium Conference in Athens. From March 6-8, almost one year after the project kickoff, the community met again to take stock of the progress and explore further opportunities.

Apart from administrational and management topics, the different work packages presented their results, and potential cooperations with invited guest projects were explored.

Well on track

Concerning management aspects, project coordinator (PC) Knut Hufeld handed over his office to Thomas Gutt – both from Infineon – who then established the Technology and Advisory Board (ITAB*) which he will chair. The General Assembly (GA**) agreed on Thomas Gutt’s proposal to appoint Knut Hufeld, Pal Varga from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Olli Ventä from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland as advisory expert panellists.

With regard to the general time line, Thomas Gutt pointed out that the project was between milestone 1 and milestone 2. “While requirements and specifications are already fixed, the preliminary architectures can soon be expected”, the new PC said.

Project Coordination Office Alfred Höß reviewed the current status of various contract amendments as well as the status of deliverables that are either completed or still to be expected. He also set the agenda for the upcoming review meeting in July. Overall, the work packages of Productive4.0 are well on track.

In touch with other projects

As a highlight, Productive4.0, the first Industry4.E ECSEL Lighthouse Initiative project, facilitated a Lighthouse Session with the invited guest projects H2020 FAR-EDGE, ECSEL I-MECH, and ECSEL SemI40. Berta Ferrer Llosá, ECSEL Programme Officer, introduced all partners to the expected Industry4.E impact and cooperation opportunities among Industry4.E participants. Follow-up activities on identified cooperation possibilities are already planned.

The Conference was accompanied by workshops, going beyond the collaboration within work packages and deepening connections between them. Ultimately, Productive4.0 as project is a mere network, based on work packages and tasks. Its success depends on the creativity generated by an overall interaction. All in all, the 150 participants presented their developments on 54 posters. They also took the chance to further network and discuss common demonstrators in development.

GA and ITAB – Profiles:

*The Innovation and Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) is in charge of strategic project orientation and the link to the outside world. It includes 3 or 4 experts. ITAB will assess the project progress and advice on corrections or modifications. ITAB meetings will also act as a forum for information exchange with other research initiatives worldwide. This way, liaisons will be made and knowledge and/or technology transfer initiated.

Activities: Monitor the project achievements / Monitor dissemination activities / Identify potential additional risks / Propose scientific and technical adjustments and actions in accordance with industry needs and external developments within the scope of the project / Check consistency of the work, the interdependency with other EU programmes and ways to benefit from external developments and other projects

**The General Assembly (GA) is the ultimate decision making and conciliation body. It discusses strategic questions and aspects on scientific issues or problems related to the project management. Being in charge of all high-level matters of the project, the GA addresses scientific, management, contractual and financial issues.

Activities: Decide on major changes (contracts, budget, resources, research directions, work packages, partners, procedures) and on actions in possible conflicts in accordance with ECSEL JU / Take final decisions on financial issues / Monitor the adherence to contracts and rules / Decide on IPR issues

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